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Football is an enormously popular sport in our culture today. Flag football has also gained popularity among today’s youth, with leagues being formed even by the NFL. Flag football provides an opportunity to play America’s most popular sport without the repercussions of full-contact football. This year provided a welcome transition between flag football and a special form of contact football which is geared towards growing independent and charter school populations.


Pro-Vision began its competitive flag football program in 2010 and joined the Texas Charter School Academic Athletic League. Thanks to the generosity of the community-minded Houston Texans, youth can practice and play on a state-of-the-art, multipurpose sports field.


Football is a fun game and great exercise. There is constant motion as players run, sprint, tumble and toss the ball. Not only does this movement create muscle, it also creates more agile and balanced athletes. Offensive players can expect to exercise their calves, quad muscles and hamstrings as they run with the ball. Defensive players can expect to exercise their shoulders, biceps and triceps as they block and tackle opposing team players.


As Pro-Vision’s founder and CEO Roynell Young states, “Football is also a way to build sportsmanship and also a way to develop the ability to think and work as a team. These are key concepts in developing young men of character who will be ready to tackle new challenges with maturity and confidence. When physical fitness is paired with powerful one-on-one mentoring, sports like football are not only fun and healthy, but also highly cathartic for students.”

“At Pro-Vision, I’m learning to be the best version of me I can be!”