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Track and Field offers a variety of physical endeavors that challenge endurance, speed and strength. Pro-Vision is pleased to offer a competitive Track and Field team that has placed well in local competitions over the past five years.


Children who participate in track and field can improve their muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. The variety of challenges offered within track and field also lead to improved physical skills, such as balance, coordination, agility, speed and reaction time. These qualities are building blocks not only for healthy athletes, but for any young person striving to live a healthy lifestyle.


Physical Education Instructor Christopher Gillis currently guides Pro-Vision’s track and field unit. All coaches are well aware of the mind-body connection this sport offers. In addition to being physically fit, participating in this sport reinforces team building, which leads to moral development and increased self-worth. Being a team member also provides opportunities to develop leadership, social skills and to accept responsibility for student behavior.


Pro-Vision is dedicated to its students’ physical AND emotional health. Coaches develop close mentoring relationships with athletes on the field, just as teachers do with students in the classroom. In addition, student emotional and mental functions receive a natural boost as a result of physical activities. Track and field reduces stress while releasing endorphin’s, which create feelings of happiness, improve self-confidence, alleviate anxiety and sharpen memory.

“At Pro-Vision, I’m learning to be the best version of me I can be!”