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Have Fun Training Your Brain During Summer with Lumosity

Don’t let your brain get rusty this summer! At Pro-Vision Academy Houston charter school we encourage students to constantly learn. Lumosity is an interesting brain trainer that can be used by people of all ages and uses science-based games to get your grey matter working better. Pro-Vision recommends that students try Lumosity for free this summer to see how fun it can be to workout your brain!


How Lumosity Works

Lumosity isn’t just a fun online game site. Their brain workouts were developed using neuroscience research from many different universities. The workouts are based on neuropsycological tasks that have been discovered through extensive studies.

Each workout is designed to target a specific brain function like problem solving or speed. The tests are quick at only about three minutes per workout, very visual and really entertaining. The Lumosity team suggests that users do 3-5 tests daily to keep their brain in peak condition. With a full account you can track your progress to see how big an impact the workouts are having on your cognitive functions.

Even if you don’t have a laptop or computer at home you can do the workouts on a smartphone or tablet. Before each workout you’ll be given detailed directions, and there’s no wrong answer so you can just have fun without feeling any pressure.

Try Lumosity for Free

Signing up for an account is quick and free. Once you’ve created an account Lumosity will prompt you to select the areas that you’d like to focus on like memory or attention. Next, you’ll be able to take several practice tests for the Lumosity Performance Index (LPI), which assesses what level you’re currently at. This helps you to gauge progress, but also allows Lumosity to create a custom brain training program.

Once you’re done taking the fun brain teasing tests you’ll be prompted to get a paid account to access everything Lumosity has to offer, but don’t sign up just yet. Lumosity will have sent you a welcome email that gives you an overview of the software. In that email is a link to ‘Start Today’s Training’. Click that button and you’ll be able to train for free with three brain workouts a day. The one caveat is they won’t be personalized for your training program.

Each day Lumosity will offer up five workouts for you to choose from, three of which you can do for free (two will be locked). Before starting the test, Lumosity will ask you to tell them how you’re feeling and how much sleep you got the night before, because both can affect the functionality of your brain. Select your first game, play it and then Lumosity will prompt you to take the next workout.

Signing Up for a Paid Account

If you’re interested in getting full access to Lumosity there are a lot of options, and it’s very affordable for what you’re getting. For about the cost of a single video game you can get a 12-month paid account on Lumosity. You’ll also get a 30-day money back guarantee so if you actually don’t have fun or just want to stick to a free account you can get your money back. Pay a little more and you can get the family account for $5.66 a month. This allows you and four others to all train your brains on one account.

Our brains need workouts just as much as the rest of our body, if not more. It’s one of the reasons Pro-Vision Academy offers a diverse selection of extracurricular programs. The makers of Lumosity have nailed independent online practice with these fun and effective brain games that train you to think better.

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