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Articles about Pro-Vision Inc.

Why Giving to Charters School Makes Such a Big Difference

During this holiday season, as you decide how you will give back to the community, we hope that Houston charter schools will be at the top of the list. For nearly two decades, charter schools have dramatically changed the landscape of education in Texas and the United States. Across the country charter schools are being…

The Men of Manhood Development Share Their Christmas Memories

Christmas is a time to celebrate all the joy we have in our lives and the birth of Jesus Christ. It is an event that has been celebrated for hundreds of years, and over that time many traditions have formed. One such traditional is exchanging presents. Unfortunately, in our search to find the perfect presents…

How the Manhood Developement Program Gives Back in Houston

There are many things that young men learn during their time in the Manhood Development Program. At the core of Pro-Vision flagship program is community service. From the beginning the mission of the Manhood Program has always been “to develop the leadership, character and integrity among a generation of young men in our community.” The…

“I don’t just learn about Math, Science and reading, I also learn about growing plants, business and about myself.”