Pro-Vision Urban Garden

It takes a whole village to raise a child.

This Nigerian proverb perfectly exemplifies the Pro-Vision Academy community and our vision. Our Houston charter school is about more than teaching students what they need to learn to pass the state aptitude tests. It’s about giving them the tools and support needed to live a productive, meaningful life long after they leave school.

The amazing Pro-Vision staff, faculty and leadership give the academy its strong foundation, but to provide a truly holistic, whole education requires the help of community members that donate their time, money and expertise to the school.

We are Thankful for Our Volunteers

Every year volunteers spend hundreds of hours helping Pro-Vision at our special events and after school programs. This supplementary education is vital to helping students stay engaged, learn in new ways, stay healthy and gain an appreciation for the arts.

It also helps students stay focused and out of trouble. Statistics show that juvenile crime is most likely to occur between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. The volunteers that run our after school programs play a critical role in curbing juvenile crime, students being victimized and teen car crashes. In fact, if it weren’t for Pro-Vision Academy founder Roynell Young and other volunteers giving their time to the Manhood Development Program nearly 25 years ago, our school would not exist today.

Without volunteers selflessly giving their time and expertise Pro-Vision Academy wouldn’t be possible.

We are Thankful for Our Donors

Providing a 21st century education that will help our students be competitive in today’s global economy takes a lot of investment. Though we receive state funding, recent litigation against the Texas school finance system has brought to light the fact that many schools are underfunded. Charter schools like Pro-Vision Academy face unique financial challenges that other public schools don’t face. David Dunn, the executive director of the Texas Charter School Association, pointed out that “charter school students receive $1,000 less than district students on average each year.”

Fortunately for Pro-Vision, we have a strong base of supporters that help us make up for this financial disparity. Donations provide us with the funds needed to ensure our students have updated textbooks, computers, after school programs and opportunities to expand their knowledge and life experiences.

Without donors that are willing to invest their hard-earned funds to educate our students Pro-Vision Academy wouldn’t be possible.

We are Thankful for Our Students

We’re also thankful for each and every one of our students that attend Pro-Vision charter school. These young women and men put forth so much effort during the school year and in the after school programs, that it inspires us to do more everyday. Despite the adversity that many of the students face, they are determined to lead meaningful lives, and we are dedicated to helping them achieve that goals.

Without students that are hungry to grow, learn and expand their horizons, Pro-Vision Academy wouldn’t be possible.

There are so many people that give to Pro-Vision all year long. This Thanksgiving we are appreciative beyond words for the gift that the community gives our students. Our volunteers and donors give thousands of students a future to be thankful for, and that is why we give them thanks.


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