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The Job Enterprise Program provides meaningful jobs and training needed for success in the workplace. This comprehensive program provides real opportunities to work and learn. In addition, the program offers personal mentoring, which will assist in the crucial transition from dependency to self-reliance. The Job Enterprise program is designed to create corporate partners through active outreach and meaningful collaboration with the staff and participants.

The Job Enterprise Program builds it successes on the positive relationships that are forged between corporate partners and student leaders. The program defines a corporate partner as any community organization or business which has the capacity to not only provide summer employment, but also develop character in students ranging from ages 16 to 19. These corporate partners can span from blue collar to white collar opportunities.



The Job Enterprise Program operates variety of revenue-generating business on and off The Pro-Vision Academy campus that provide practical, essentials job training. Participants learn problem-solving techniques, how to manage numbers, organizational skills and business literacy. The culmination of these steps generates not only a paycheck, but also self-reliance and confidence in the workforce.



The mission of the Job Enterprise Program is to prepare each youth for a successful career. Throughout the job experience, participants work closely with professional mentors. They receive consistent feedback on their job skills, work ethic and progress in the workplace. Setbacks or mistakes are used as productive lessons which build confidence and independence. Pro-Vision’s mission is subsequently realized as youth are inspired to find hope and purpose in the business community.



Learning job skills, earning an income, and becoming a responsible worker will positively impact the community. Participants and collaborators break through the entitlement mentality. The experience provides the notion of sacrifice and struggle, inevitably leading to personal and professional achievement.

It is an undeniable fact that reaching a greater understanding of the physical world around us while analyzing the consequences of our choices can lead to improvements. Pro-Vision’s holistic vision begins with individual empowerment, leading to positive community impact and resulting in increased economic health and prosperity.

The ideal participant “low-maintenance” worker, who is eager, pliable and easily integrated into a professional work environment. Successful completion of the Job enterprise Program will build confidence, create self-efficacy and provide invaluable professional exposure to resources for each young person.

"Character is Power" - Booker T. Washington