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The Manhood Development Program is the cornerstone program on which Pro-Vision was founded. The Manhood Development Program was established over 28 years ago with the purpose to develop the character and integrity of young men by combining close mentoring relationships with exposure to situations that reinforce a solid moral system, ethical thinking, and purposeful living. The tools and resources learned through the Manhood Development Program directly relate to the students having a healthy outlook academically, morally, and culturally. The Manhood Development Program seeks to develop indigenous leadership.


   Character Development

     The Manhood Development Program aims to identify the positive characteristics that exists within each participant and to nurture those traits in a         way that will lead to the individual making healthy life choices.

      The young men are expected:

  • To be well educated about the curriculum
  • To be outstanding citizens within the community
  • To be role models within the classroom

     The Manhood Development Program is designed to reward individuals for participating in leadership roles within the organization. Only a handful         of students are selected to hold the highest ranking within the program.

     If you are interested in signing up your son for the Manhood Development Program, please view the How to Apply Page.


   Career Development

     Through the Manhood Development Program, young men are given a wonderful opportunity to explore different work industries. The students       are able to immerse themselves in fields such as energy, healthcare, finance, and agricultural by participating in the Job Enterprise Program. 

     During their internships, the students learn how to do the following:

  • Build their resume
  • Define their career goal
  • Position themselves for success upon High School graduation

     After the Manhood prospects figure out their career interests, they start moving towards a personally determined future. The goal of the Career Development programs is to provide the Manhood Men access to ideas and resources that help them towards a fulfilling career.

     If you would like more information, please feel free to view the About Job Enterprise Page and the Job Enterprise Participating Partners.

   Community Service

    Participation in community service projects is the key method in which Manhood Development  men gain a sense of social responsibility. The young men are required to participate in a certain amount of community service before advancing to the next stage in our program. The            Manhood Program offers numerous opportunities for students to meet the requirement.

    Some of the projects include but are not limited to:

  • Handing out food to senior citizens in the Sunnyside Community
  • Volunteering at the Houston Food Bank
  • Working on the Community Street Cleanup Project
  • Organizing a tree planting project to enhance community pride

     The Manhood Development program recognizes the importance of serving others and aims to teach the young men respect for the community.

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