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Junior Rotary Club Starting Up At Pro-Vision

Pro-Vision Academy is continually adding to and expanding the programs that are available to our students. By offering a wide variety of extracurricular and community service opportunities our school is supporting the mission of creating well-rounded students that understand the value of living with purpose and contributing to their community.

The newest program being added to the school is a Junior Rotary Club. The club will serve as another avenue for students to become engaged and learn more about taking on a leadership role.


About Rotary and Its Clubs

Rotary is an international organization that is built on the idea that we can all be leaders that make a positive change in our community. It is a mission that is directly shared with Pro-Vision Academy. There are currently more than 1.2 million Rotarians working around the world and right here in Houston, Texas.

Improving Perspectives

Rotary members are from all over the world and face many different obstacles every day. Those who join Rotary become part of a global initiative where different perspectives are always welcome. Members get to connect with people from vastly different cultures that are all working toward the same goals. At Pro-Vision Academy students are taught the importance of being open-minded, and the Junior Rotary Club will be one more way of instilling that ideology.

Scholarships for Future Leaders

The Rotary fully supports schools like Pro-Vision Academy that are focused on creating responsible leaders for the future. By providing scholarships they’re helping make higher education possible for thousands of students across the globe.

Community Involvement

The Rotary is involved in many worthy community projects around the globe. It affords people the opportunity to do work on projects in their neighborhoods and city that have a lasting impact and improve people’s lives. Members can join projects that are already underway and also partner with the Rotary as a group to tackle new ones.


Junior Rotary Clubs and Youth Exchanges

Junior Rotary Clubs are an opportunity for high school, middle school and elementary students to become Rotarians and get involved in community projects. Students are encouraged to take part in fundraisers and develop service projects of their own. There is also the Rotary Youth Exchange program, which aims to improve global understanding in the younger generations. Each year 8,000 students age 15-19 that have shown leadership in their community and school get to participate by studying abroad for anywhere from a few weeks to an entire year. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime that gives students a totally new perspective on how other cultures live.

Pro-Vision Academy is excited to join such a worthy organization with a club of our own. If you would like to learn more about the new Junior Rotary Club at Pro-Vision Academy please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide additional information about joining.


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