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Sharing is Caring: Volunteers Make the Difference at Pro-Vision Academy

Excitement is in the air as summertime draws near for the teachers and students at Pro-Vision Academy. But that doesn’t mean we’re taking the entire season off. There’s still plenty of things to do and plenty of ways that our volunteers can help make our school the best it can be.

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People often think that when summer rolls around schools shut down, but that’s far from what actually happens. Unfortunately, we see a drop off in our partner involvement because outside helpers think there’s no need for them to volunteer when classes aren’t in session. But we can definitely use the extra help!

At Pro-Vision Academy there are numerous programs that are offered year-round and thus provide lots of opportunities to volunteer. Here are just a few ways you can help us over the summer months!


Our Urban Farm and Community Garden

At Pro-Vision Academy there’s a unique feature that needs tending all year round. If you have a green thumb or prefer to work outdoors, volunteering at our urban farm and community garden could be a great opportunity to give back. Most schools aren’t able to teach students about the importance of self-sufficiency, resource allocation and making a powerful connection with nature the way we can with our urban farm.

Summer School Tutoring

Some students are still hitting the books during summer, whether it’s to get ahead or catch up. We still have a huge need for tutors in our summer school programs. If you enjoy imparting wisdom we encourage you to consider volunteering as a tutor in your favorite subject.

Teaching the importance of volunteerism is at the heart of what Pro-Vision Academy stands for. Our volunteers are a shining example for our students to learn from and model themselves after. When you become a Pro-Vision volunteer you become one of our life coaches!

If you’d like to volunteer your time and talent at Pro-Vision Academy please contact the Development Office at 713-748-0030. You can also fill out a Volunteer Form online if you prefer. Thank you in advance for helping us give Houston students enhanced educational opportunities.

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