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What Can be Learned from Random Acts of Kindness

Grandson Helping Grandmother

Random acts of kindness impact people in significant ways, especially if you’re the person being kind. Numerous studies have found that doing acts of kindness boosts our happiness and health. It also inspires others to act kind as well. At Pro-Vision Academy, our entire learning environment is based on lending a helping hand whenever someone needs it. At school and in the community, our students are taught that acts of kindness are the building blocks for a purposeful life.

Some people will say that we live in a cruel world, but public interest in random acts of kindness tells another story. Everyday there are new stories about random acts of kindness that changed someone’s life.

One of the most powerful stories of random kindness happened a few years ago when San Diego police officer Jeremy Henwood was seen on a surveillance tape buying food for a child at McDonald’s. Minutes later after getting in his patrol car, Mr. Henwood was gunned down and killed. His memory now lives on in Davian Tinsley, the boy who was helped by Mr. Henwood. During their brief exchange Mr. Henwood asked Davian what he wanted to be when he grew up, to which he said, “an NBA star.” Mr. Henwood told him that he would have to put in a lot of hard work to get there. Davian took that advice to heart and now each time he practices he thinks of his role model Mr. Henwood and how he can honor him by making that dream come true. That one act of kindness has made an impact on Davian’s entire life.

Another random act of kindness that was caught on tape revealed that kindness has no cultural boundaries. While working in China, California native Jason Loose sat down with a homeless woman on the street and shared his food with her. The video was widely shared across many countries because it showed how caring a stranger could be to another person. By sitting down and talking with the woman, Mr. Loose broke down the cultural and economic barriers that divide people. The act was so powerful that it created wide discussion in China about what should be done to promote more altruism.

 Acts of Kindness at Pro-Vision Academy

The students and staff of Pro-Vision charter school are all about being kind when people least expect it. Not because they want something in return, but because it’s the right thing to do. The positive vibes from doing something nice for someone else are the best reward they could get.  Here are a few random acts of kindness from Pro-Vision students and faculty members.

  • Ms. D. Seifert surprised a stranger – “I bought lunch for the person behind me in the drive thru line at Chick-fil-a.”
  • Ms. J. Ferguson helped someone get home – “I saw a man asking for gas so he can make it home, so I gave him the rest of my gas.”
  • Ms. P. Ross gave away groceries – “I gave a woman who was asking for food my extra groceries after leaving the grocery store.”
  • Coach F. Gibbs kept someone safe from the cold – “I gave a homeless person my shirt off my back because of the weather.”
  • Ms. D. Bedford showed her appreciation for help from someone else – “I bought a salesman who was repairing my phone a hamburger.”
  • 5th grader J. Richardson helped out without being asked – “I cleaned the classroom for my favorite teacher.”
  • 12th grader C. L. gave a helping hand – “I gave a homeless person on the streets $20.”
  • 12th grader J. Sanders helped others over the holidays – “I helped feed the homeless and donated clothes during the Thanksgiving holiday.”

Join in on the giving by volunteering at Pro-Vision Academy. Kids in underserved areas need acts of kindness more than anyone. Make a positive impact in the lives of our students by donating your time, money or expertise to help them succeed!

Original source:  http://www.provision-inc.orgs/what-can-be-learned-from-random-acts-of-kindness/

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