The Urban Farm is a strictly independent, commercial outreach tool that integrates itself with the school, the character development programs, and the community. The farm consists of aquaponics-based greenhouses, an orchard, and an apiary, all under the guide of a certified horticulturist. This is how it sustains itself: produce is sold to local businesses - HEB, Local Foods, Benjy’s - grocers, and at farmers’ markets. Then, proceeds return to the farm, school, and local community. A portion of the produce is donated to elderly community members.


As an inner-city community pillar and tool, it is important to us that the urban farm remains modern, multi-functioning, and ever-evolving. We believe modern agriculture should grow ‘beyond the harvest’, to nurture and educate the people it serves.



The urban farm is staffed by students and character development program participants. In addition to a number of agricultural skills, the students learn marketing, accounting, sustainable land use practices and design. The breadth of learning opportunities at the urban farm makes the experience beneficial to all students, no matter their desired vocation.



Urban Farm community outreach is designed to welcome fresh vegetables into the home kitchen. Soon, this program will include an outdoor kitchen fully equipped for demonstrations and food preparation. Pro-Vision Urban Farm will also host monthly cooking classes by Houston-area chefs to share their prep and cooking methodology.


The Aquaponics program will provide a foundation for academic discussion of health and nutrition. Connecting the Aquaponics and the sciences provides a critical link between science and life processes, while instilling in the community the value of fresh foods. One of the many benefits of these connections is future community independence and success.

“We learn about teamwork, individuality and ourselves.”