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Job Enterprise Interest Flyer 2019

About The Program

The Job Enterprise Program gives students participating Manhood Development and S.H.E the opportunity to intern with well-known Houston-area companies. These internships expose the students to different leadership styles and work environments. Job Enterprise is comprehensive, offering students the personal mentoring necessary to transition from dependency to self-reliance.


At Pro-Vision, we believe our community thrives when our young people thrive. The mission of Job Enterprise is to prepare each student for a successful career. Students hold the seedlings of future businesses and communities. Our goal is to use Job Enterprise to nurture the traits and characteristics that will direct our students to a  self-sustaining future.

Professional Development

Through Job Enterprise, students learn job skills, income management, and work responsibility. They are taught additional, more intangible lessons like sacrifice and work effort. All of these skills combined make for students who are better equipped for achievement, both personally and professionally.

In the professional workplace, Job Enterprise participants are known to be eager, intelligent, and pliable. A young person who successfully completes the Job enterprise Program will become more confident and self-sufficient while being gaining exposure to numerous invaluable professional resources.


All participants work closely with professional mentors. Mentors give feedback on the participant's job skills, work ethic and progress in the workplace. This consistent open communication allows students to practice constructive criticism, transparency and accountability.

The participants of the Job Enterprise Program are required to give a presentation at the end of their internship to staff members from both Pro-Vision and the company the student interned. The presentation is about “teaching moments” that the participant experienced during their internship from either a personal setback or a rewarding outcome.


The purpose of Job Enterprise is to boost a workers’ employability as well as teach financial wellness. Our Corporate Partners are reputable and well respected in the Houston community. We give our students the opportunity to work and learn from these companies, and jumpstart their career thinking before graduation. 

The students learn how to market themselves by:

  •         Attending a Resume Building Course
  •         Enrolling in a Dress for Success Workshop
  •         Participating in an Annual Etiquette Dinner

Job Enterprise students are also required to attend a money management lecture. Money Management lessons cover the importance of bookkeeping, organizational skills and budgeting. We teach students the value of a dollar and of meaningful work.

The Job Enterprise Program is not simply a paycheck, it is an opportunity to learn responsibility and self-reliance in a safe, encouraging environment.

Corporate Partners

The Job Enterprise Program maintains corporate partners through active outreach and meaningful collaboration with the staff and participants. Students are paired up with companies that distinctively fit their career goals.

This program builds it successes on the positive relationships forged between partners and students.

We are currently partnered with the following businesses:

  •         Benjy’s
  •         Local Foods
  •         Fidelis Realty Partners
  •         Endeavor Natural Gas
  •         GMS Group, LLC
  •         M.D. Anderson Neurology Department
  •         Pro-Visions Urban Farm/Aquaponics

The program defines a corporate partner as any community organization or business with the capability to provide character-developing summer employment for students 16-19. We welcome corporate partners from the Houston Area that share in our mission to support our children through work and education.

If you would like your company to get involved with our Job Enterprise Program, please see the Sign Your Company Up page for more information


“I don’t just learn about Math, Science and reading, I also learn about growing plants, business and about myself.”